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  • 24Kasım2023

    AMETEK Process Instruments announced the release of Model 9933 Analyzer

    AMETEK Process Instruments announces release of Model 9933 for analysis of impurities in hydrocarbon gas streams

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  • 20Nisan2022

    Flow measurement with Flexim in Natural Gas blended with up to 30% Hydrogen

    In a competitive joint industry project at the DNV test facility in Groningen, the performance of the FLUXUS G721 was proven in extensive series of measurements with various hydrogen admixtures in natural gas. The FLUXUS G* provides reliable and robust flow measurement of natural gas with up to 30 % hydrogen admixture within the specified measurement uncertainty and repeatability.

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  • 27Eylül2021

    Performance Evaluations in Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas Pipelines

    EffecTech has developed the capability to assess any new method for measuring hydrogen in natural gas by modifying the compositions of the reference gases it uses as part of the ISO 10723 performance evaluation.

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  • 09Aralık2020

    SpiritIT Version 2 Flow-X/M modules

    ABB SpiritIT has introduced version 2 Flow-X/M modules.

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