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  • 27

    Performance Evaluations in Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas Pipelines

    EffecTech has developed the capability to assess any new method for measuring hydrogen in natural gas by modifying the compositions of the reference gases it uses as part of the ISO 10723 performance evaluation.

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  • 23

    Ametek Virtual Trade Show 2021

    Ametek Virtual Trade Show 2021 will be held on 16th of March! All our customers are invited!

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  • 09

    SpiritIT Version 2 Flow-X/M modules

    ABB SpiritIT has introduced version 2 Flow-X/M modules.

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  • 25

    KELTON for the Provision of Audit Services for bp Exploration

    BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Limited issued tender KELTON for the ‘Provision of Audit Services’ in relation to their assets in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey (AGT) in 2020.

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