Ametek Process Insruments O2 and Flue Gas Analysers
Premix Analysers
Moisture Analyzers
UV Fotometric Analysers
Sulphur and H2S Analysers
Mass Spectrometers
Emission Analysers
ABB Totalflow Natural Gas Chromatographs
Flow Computers
Scada Systems
Land Insturament O2 and Flue Gas Analysers
Emission Analysers
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Power Quality Products
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Ametek Solidstate Controls UPS Systems
Inverters , Converters
Voltage Regulators, Cathodic Protection Systems
Batteries, Battery Charge Systems
Spirit IT Flow Computers
Scada Systems
Flexim Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters:Non-intrusively Volume and Mass Flow of Liquids & Gases with Clamp-on Technology
Online Process Analysers:PIOX - Measurement the Concentration, Density & Mass Flow Rate Either
Non-intrusively by Ultrasound or via Refractometry for Agressive, Corrosive and Toxic Media
EffecTech Special Calibration Gases, ISO 17025 Certification
Pure Gases
Cosa + Xentour Fixed and Portable Type Humidity Analysers
2 Wired Dew Point Transmitters
A+ Corporation
Membrane Seperators
Probe Regulator
Coalescing and Removal of Liquid Filter
Self Cleaning Filter
Moisture and Corrosion Control Packets
Sample Cylinder

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments
Oil in Cooling Water
Hydrocarbons in Waste Water
Crude Oil in Manufactured Water
Hydrocarbons in Bilge Water
Fuels in Stormwater
Phenol in Water
Hydroelectric Dam Sumps
Monitoring Leaks from Heat Exchangers

Flow Managment Devices Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers
Prover Interface Module (PIM)
Proving Data Acquisition
Custom Engineering, Fabrication and Service
Nova Analytical Systems Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide Purity Analyzer
Hydrogen Purity Analyzer
Oxygen Purity Analyzer
Portable Hydrogen Purity Analyzer
GDS Corp Gas Detectors
Flame Detectors
Process Monitors
Wireless Systems
Alarm Controllers
H2scan Process Hydrogen Analyzer
Ex-proof Hydrogen Analyzer
Portable Hydrogen Analyzer
Fuji Electric
Infrared Analyzer
Paramagnetic Analyzer
In-situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer
‘Thermal Conductivity’ Analyzer
Portable Analyzer
Continuous Emission Monitoring System and Analyzer (CEMS)
Biomass Analyzer

Measurement Consultancy

Flow Measurement Audits
System Uncertainties
Metering Documentation, Training, Management, System Support
Data Flow Analysis and Uncertainty
Flow Measurement Software

Electrochemical O2 Analyzers

Portable O2 Analyzers

H2S Analyzers (Lead Acetate)
Total Sulphur
Air Dimensions Gas Sampling Diaphragm Pumps

Online Natural Gas Odor Monitoring

Ambient & Industrial Air Monitoring

Water Surveillance

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