Heated Cylinder Jackets
Heated cylinder jackets are the temperature controlled and fireproof liners which can be used for various sizes of gas cylinders helping to increase the measurement accuracy during the calibration processes. Thanks to the simple but effective properties of heated cylinder jackets that they prevent condensation of calibration gases caused by the temperature decrease in the cylinder due to the ambient conditions, besides creating a thermal current inside the cylinders preventing the separation of molecules in the long term due to gravitational forces which spoil the homogeneity of the gas mixtures. During the calibration process decreasing gas temperature causes condensation in the high pressure cylinders resulting measurement errors. One either should keep the ambient temperature under control or cover and heat the cylinder with a temperature controlled insulation jacket to prevent condensation. Furthermore, gas components in the cylinders which are held fixed for long periods of time, separate due to the gravitational forces. Heavier components tend to move towards the bottom part of the cylinders while the lighter ones tend to go upwards and the homogeneity of the gas mixture is disrupted. The heated jacket around the cylinder keeps the gas components always circulating by the thermal flow created inside the cylinder and keeps the homogeneity of the gas mixture stable.


• Available for different sized cylinders
• Fireproof and waterproof fabric
• Easy and flexible application
• Short delivery time
• The heating cable, connectors, termination and
connection boxes are Ex-proof certified.

Application Areas

• RMS-A Stations
• Laboratories
• Stations use natural gas chromatographs
• All applications include calibration gases